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Night Vigil

My darling dear;

The darkest hours of night
are when I fear for you the most;
knowing his smarmy touch
seeks your skin and
he seeks to isolate you from
your rightful place at my side as Queen.

And yet here,
locked away on my mountain,
so far away from you
there is so little I can do.
I hammer at the gates of heaven
with incense and prayer.

I am trapped without you
held in my arms
in a world lit only
by candlelight and dreams.
of a future just an instant away;
so close, our fingertips brush
against it;

A world soft and fine as silk,
where we stand tall against the sky
drinking deeply of one other
like the desert in the monsoon rains,
of the love we have for one another,
and walk hand in hand.

I worry his words will tear down
all that we've risen up to build
in the light of the Resurrection,
and his indifferent clumsiness
will lead you to that fatal knife...
And I'll be too far away

To save you
from Yourself.
But I can't say this to you.
Because you need me to be
your mountaintop fortress;
the lighthouse in stormy seas.

And so I throw my prayers
at the gates of heaven
like a battering ram in a siege.
Christ once said that
The Kingdom of God
shall be taken only by force.

I used to wonder
what that meant.
in my terror, I ponder this no more.
I look forward to the age yet to come
where we can hold vigil in darkest night
together, with your hand in mine.