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The very model of a modern Major-General

argentum et aurum non sunt mihi

Cody Vladimir Burkett
2 July 1984
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Some consider me a renaissance man. I dabble in a host of interests, ranging from Medieval History to Quantum Physics, to Agriculture, to birds...and many others, as you can see below. As for myself... Yeah, I'm totally agreeing with the sentiment that I'd be a renaissance man. Hands down.

I can be both silly and serious at the same time; A joke might well lead into a philosophical tangent when I'm around! I am a very passionate person, and so I take my interests very seriously. In a sense, one could truly say I'm Byzantine. :-)

I am very serious about my faith but despite being a convert, I'm not the sort to babble on incessantly on my faith, and unable to talk about anything save Lenten recipes and tips for wax removal, etc. That, and I'm prone to saying one's faith is one's business. If you have questions, of course, I'll answer them, but I won't force-feed you my faith and say you HAVE to convert, because that's just silly!

I graduated from NAU with a B.A. in History, minoring in Religious Studies. This makes me just about the most esoteric person in the known universe. Currently studying in Boston, at Holy Cross Hellenic College, making myself even more esoteric!
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